Ingredients and Recipes for the Best Protein Smoothies for Athletes

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Athletes like every other active people require smoothies. However, only the best and the most appropriate ingredients must be included.

We know how important that veggies and fruits are to any athlete’s diet. We also now know that high quality protein plays a very important role as well. When nutrients get depleted during any training routine, replenishing them becomes a priority. In order for your body to recover and be replenished, smoothies serve as an excellent and fast source of nutrients that are needed. All you need to create delicious smoothies that appeal to your taste is a blender and then you insert the ingredients that you want into it. We are going to look now at the ingredients which are required to create an athlete’s dream smoothie for energy and muscle gain.

Active men and women engage in workouts to keep fit and healthy

Best Ingredients for Smoothies built for Athletes
A smoothie for any athlete must contain the ingredients listed in this article.

Eating five portions of vegetable and fruits every day is a golden nutritional rule which is known by virtually all active men and women who love to keep fit and healthy. But grabbing a piece of veggie or fruit five times every day is a luxury that a lot of us cannot do because of lack of time. This is where smoothies come in.

There is no doubt that these smoothies are usually full of veggies, fruits and several other ingredients serve as an excellent solution for busy men and women. You might not want to think of taking a large portion of spinach as soon as you wake up. However, it is what the body needs. This is why it can become unnoticeable once it gets mixed in a smoothie. You are already preparing for an energetic day once you have a healthy diet from the vegetables and fruit you take in the mornings.

Virtually every vegetables and fruits would make it into a cup of smoothie. You just have to know what your preference is to determine the ingredients you would choose. But you first of all have to ensure that you first remove all stalks pits, and kernels. Below is a list of the ingredients commonly used in making healthy smoothies that athletes benefit from:

raspberry smoothie is an example of a smoothie made from fruits

A. Fruits






-Berries, frozen or fresh

  • Peaches
Vegetabes used for making a veggie or green smoothie

B. Salad and vegetables


-Spinach, Green cabbage

-Carrot tops




  • Cucumber

C. Liquids

-Milk Fruit juice (e.g. orange or apple) Soya drink

-Rice drink


-Oat drink




-Protein powder


-Chia seeds

-Goji berries


-Linseed oil

-Acai berries

-Ice cubes

Any of the flavors that catch your fancy could be combined. You can also create smoothies that are refreshing and cool in the summers by making use of frozen berries or ice cubes. In particular, green smoothies that do not have some frozen ingredients in them can turn out to be too warm and as a result not as energizing as you would expect them to be.

Your fitness training goals should play a key role in determining whether or not you are going to make changes to your recipe. This means, for instance, that you should ass some high-quality fats like linseeds, chia seeds, and avocado if you wish to gain more weight. Also, there should be a high content of fruit in it. If you are aiming to build and/or regenerate your muscles, then a higher percentage of green should be sought for your post-workout smoothies.

How to determine if an ingredient should be included in any wholesome smoothie?

A smoothie can contain everything that has nutritional value in it. This is a general view maintained by most nutrition and fitness experts. However, keep in mind that a lot of fructose is what you are bound to get from having a high level of fruits in any drink. So, as an active man or woman who wants to maintain a healthy and fit body, you should aim to keep the content of fructose in anything that you consume to a minimum.

This means that a higher percentage of veggies than fruits should be inside your smoothies if you usually exercise to lose weight. A smoothie can contain some protein powder in it. But you really should think deeply about whether this should be in it in the first place and why.

There is a simple answer to this: endurance athletes easily forget to add adequate quantities of protein for the regeneration and formation of muscles. This is true, even though they do not usually forget to add sufficient carbohydrates in their diets. It is usually good practice to make your first meal of the day to be a source of protein.

You would also fare well by taking protein sources right after you finish a workout. They should never be forgotten and that time of the day is the best to consume them. You don’t really get to spend too much money when you create a liquid smoothie. And they can be easily digested. It is no wonder then that they are perfect for meals taken once you finish your workout. And the fact that you can prepare them in no time at all makes them to be the most ideal option for snacks.

And because they can be easily combined with high protein powder and serve as a source of protein in our diets, smoothies are just excellent. BlackWolf Pre-Workout Dietary Supplements is an ideal way of replenishing the store of protein in your body after you have completed some strenuous endurance training.

And because it can be absorbed very quickly by our bodies and does not contain fat or sugar, BlackWolf is the ideal component for a low-calorie drink once you finish your workout routine.

You can also consider taking more of the BlackWolf if you wish to take in more quantities of proteins and carbohydrates at the same time. High-quality ingredients like natural flavours, oatmeal, and whey protein can be found inside the protein powder of BlackWolf. To combat fatigue, magnesium is added. And for a boost to your immune system there is zinc included.

Two Easy Recipes rich in protein for anyone to try out

Here are two easy recipes that can be adapted to suit the personal tastes of any athlete who wants to create a healthy protein smoothie that they can consume after their workout:

A. The Green Health Kick

-1 tablespoons of linseed oil

-2 bananas 1 tablespoon of protein powder, e.g. BlackWolf.

-125 g of frozen berries 150 g of spinach. 50 g of rocket. 150 ml of soya milk.

B. The Fruity Power Smoothie

-1 apple

-1 banana

-4 tablespoons of oats

-150 g of frozen berries 150 g of low-fat quark

-1 tablespoon of protein powder, e.g. BlackWolf.

  • 1 glass of low-fat milk 200 ml of almond drink.

You need to ensure that all these ingredients are going to be mixed well. This is why all the ingredients listed in the two recipes above should be blended for at least 60 seconds. Bon appetit!

Disclaimer: Please be note that I am not a medical expert or nutritional expert. As such, the views I have expressed above should not be taken as medical advice nor nutritional advice. They are simply my own opinions of what has worked for me in my on-going journey to become healthy and fit. Also, you should assume that any of the links contained in my article are affiliate links. This means that I would be compensated if you do choose to purchase any of my recommendations. Thank you.



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