Know What to Look for in a Woman

Samuel Ike | Email Copywriter
3 min readDec 15, 2020


Every man should know what they want in the women they date.
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Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to know what you are looking for in a woman. Don’t get discouraged if you are one of those men. If your goal is to find the right woman for you, then you should know that it is not difficult.

And you should not think that as long as you visit websites like this or this to meet with beautiful women that you would be alright. Others feel that you don’t need to bother about such issues when meeting women on dating sites like this.

The fact is that whether you meet women online or in person, you are still going to run into the same problem if you are not too sure of what you want from her in the first place.

So where should you start from?

Being open-minded is a good thing to do. You just have to start from the scratch by casting aside all the standards that you may have been using before now. And anything that your buddies told you was attractive has to be cast aside completely. And all those lingerie commercials on television have to be discarded too.

Where every man should start is with the very basics of compatibility: what makes two individuals compatible with each other. Two people, not two lovers. In other words, what kind of person is your ideal match, different from any other person?

As a man, you would have to consider the complete person, and not just the body, in order to find out what you are really looking for in a woman. Things that you would have to take into consideration are like ambition, interests, personality, and finally her appearance. A man might wonder why these traits have been listed in that particular sequence.

Your judgment would be clouded on other traits if you consider appearance first. visually stimulation is something men tend to fall for easily. This is why men tend to think that what they want is what excites them at first sight.

However, the looks of a woman would not be so important when you consider what you want in the other areas. You could discover a woman whose personality is great and who lies racing and football just like you do and takes her profession as an accountant seriously, but who happens to have an average build and is a brunette would fit you perfectly.

Interests, a sense of humour, ambition, intelligence, and personality all play a much larger role in attraction than just the appearance of the woman.

When it comes to knowing what you want in any woman you want to date, you have to be sure of what are those traits that you would love her to have. Remember that all women are different.

So search for your ideal woman having these ideas in mind. Go for a woman who fits a complete picture in your mind, not one with just one trait. What you should be looking for is a complete person, not just one with a single or two traits to admire.

Good luck.



Samuel Ike | Email Copywriter

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